Duran Publishings production during 2014 - 2015.

The series Scandinavian Folklore popularity has exceeded expectations. The first Vol I, have already been printed in a second edition and a total of 10 000 books in the series have been sold in Sweden since 2011. In Norway, the first volume was published in a Norwegian version under the title "Drakt og Prakt" by Capplen Damm.
     In may of 2015 "Bunader og tradisjoner fra Setesdal" is released, the book is made in cooperation with Setesdalsmuseet and Norsk Ordbok 2014. Text in english and norwegian. Until its publication in spring of 2016 the work on "Kronbruden", a book about the Scandinavian bride and wedding traditions, continues. The book is made in collaboration with several museums, associations and private collectors with the aim to show the great variety and imagination used to dress and adorn the rural bride two hundred years ago. Text in english.

Broderte Bunader

Bunader og tradisjoner fra Setesdal
Format: 24x32 cm, 186 sidor
ISBN 978-91-980785-3-4

The book "Bunader fra Setesdal", “Bunads from Setesdal” will be released in spring of 2015. This is a coffee-table-book with hundreds of photos of the bunads and people in Setesdal in Norway. Here you can see the life in the valley during one year from early spring until Christmas. Setesdal has one of the oldest bunad traditions in Norway and the photos shows a great variety of bunads used on both workdays and festive occasions. We visit farms, churches, old homesteads more than five hundred years old and even a steam vessel from 1867 still used on the Byglandsfjoren today.

The book is made by Laila Durán in cooperation with Setesdalsmuseet and Norsk Ordbok 2014

Scandinavian Folklore II

Scandinavian Folklore Vol. II
Format: 24x32 cm, 240 pages
ISBN 978-91-633-8316-8

In this second book in the series Scandinavian Folklore photographer and author Laila Durán has spent yet another year travelling in Scandinavia. The journeys, from Sàpmi in the north to Scania and Norwegian Sørlandet in the south, have offered unforgettable meetings with people who uphold their textile heritage and traditions. All over Scandinavia there is a vivid interest in folk costumes, bunads and regional costumes.
     Laila Durán has cooperated with museums but has also been invited to private homes, documenting the costume traditions during both feasts and everyday life.
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Populære Bunader

Populære Bunader.
Format: 15x21 cm, 66 pages.
ISBN: 978-91-980785-1-0

With focus on the festive bunads made in the early 1900s, photographer and author Laila Durán presents more than thirty bunads from all over the country. The book is intended as an introduction to some of the most popular bunads in Norway.
     There are 100 colourful photographs and short historical summaries from areas in which folk costumes developed in an unbroken tradition to become bunads. Also included are embroidered bunads, the designs for which were inspired by old garments and objects.

Text and photo by Laila Durán.
Text in norwegian and english.

Scandinavian Folklore III

Scandinavian Folklore Vol. III
Format: 24x32 cm, 240 pages
ISBN 978-91-980785-0-3

This is the third and last book in the series Scandinavian Folklore. From her journeys in Norway and Sweden photographer and author Laila Durán brings you yet another volume featuring the great variation of bunads and folk costumes that are still very much alive today. With emphasis on everyday life, handy craft and the local textile traditions, you will also meet people in ever stage of life, from the cradle to the grave.
     Like in her prior books, this volume has more than 600 spectacular photos shot during one year, following the shifting seasons.

Scandinavian Folklore I

Scandinavian Folklore Vol. I
Format: 24x32 cm, 240 pages
ISBN 978-91-633-8318-2

Scandinavian Folklore
is a series of three books intended as a popular description and inspiration to anyone interested in old traditions and customs connected to the Nordic folk costumes. Picturing old garments as well as newly made it shows that costume traditions are seldom static but often influenced by fashion and the temperament of the wearer.
     The photographer and author Laila Durán has cooperated with private collectors and museums in presenting some of the traditional costumes from Sweden, Norway and the Sami region. The pictures are showing everyday life as well as festivities, and are set in the shifting seasons from the arctic north to the south of Scandinavia.
» examples from the book

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